Wardrobe Consultant/Stylist
What We Do
We are here to help Men with ALL their wardrobe needs.
Dipped Wood is a men's wardrobe consulting company designed to guide men in the process of enhancing their wardrobe and shopping experience. I provide clear, simple advice ensuring you fully understand all the options available so we can together make a balanced decision about how to proceed.
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Our Services
If you are interested in a service not listed below, contact us directly! We build fashion portfolios tailored to each individual man and their specfic fashion needs. 
  1. Personal Stylist
    Choose the "Shop with you" or "Shop for you".. After the first initial fashion consultation, We will assess what items needed to complete and compliment your wardrobe.
  2. Wardrobe Consultant
    Do you have staple pieces of clothing, but don't know how to put them together? That is what we am here for! Dipped Wood can work with current pieces in your closet to develop staple outfits for professional/business events, causal looks, and even formal events that are up and coming.
  3. Organize Your Closet
    Have you been looking. for shirts and pants you know you have but are lost in your closet? Are your t-shirts thrown in with professional shirts? Do you have clothing that is stuffed on shelves? Worry no further, Dipped Wood can overhaul your entire closet. We can sort by style and color to allow a clear view of all styling options you have available currently.
Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfication is the sole purpose for Dipped Wood. Without our clients, we would not be succesful. Our goal is to consukt with our clients to find what their current and future needs are. After our initial fashion consultation, Dipped Wood will create a fashion portfolio to guide our clients into their future fashion goals.
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