Wardrobe Consultant/Stylist

Fashion is
what you buy,

STYLE ​is what
you do with it.

  1. Dipped Wood Portfolio
    Dipped Wood Portfolio
  2. Business Attire
    Business Attire
    This is a Grey suit with a pop of color orange and a tie and balances between the two.
  3. Summer Look
    Summer Look
    Here is a white jean with a brown shirt and light summer blue jacket.
  4. Business Look
    Business Look
    Here is a grey suit with a blue cobalt and a grey,red, and blue tie.
  5. Casual look
    Casual look
    Casual grey sweater with a bow tie. This look can work for anyone.
  6. This look is Versatile
    This look is Versatile
    This grey sports coat is paired with a purple button down and bow tie. In this picture i have it with black jeans. This look could work for a business look or a dinner work meeting, without the tie.
  7. Fun Casual Look
    Fun Casual Look
    Here is a easy Fun casual look. Brown and Blue sports coat, paired with a blue shirt and brown bowtie; the vest is my favorite.
  8. Great Summer church look
    Great Summer church look
    The vests are linen! Which means they are lightweight and very breathable.I paired both looks with jeans and added ties to each.
  9. Client Devin Finley
    Client Devin Finley
    I dressed Devin for a End of the Year banquet. He used the "Special Occasion" Service.
  10. Casual Look
    Casual Look
    Just a simple casual look, for any occasion.
  11. Title 11
    Title 11
  12. Casual look
    Casual look
    This look is versatile; works for a casual business meeting or a date night.
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